More WikiApiary progress

While WikiApiary was offline, its stewards–the MediaWiki Stakeholders user group–got a number of complaints. For a brief time, I tried to allay the worry by putting up a reassuring bee, but then I was spending time that I didn’t think I had, so I figured it would be better to use that time to actually get the site working.

I wrote about some of that work last Friday, but I did some more tinkering and the site seems to be working better. A brief summary of what I did since then:

  • Bumped PageForms to 4.9.1. I tried a newer version, but I would have to upgrade MediaWiki first and I’m not yet prepared to do that. Soon.
  • Made the graphs work. This was pretty trivial. Now I just have to work on getting them populated.
  • Bumped up the memory available to PHP. I was seeing a few Allowed memory size of .... bytes exhausted messages in PageForms for some pages. Doubling the memory available seems to have solved that, for now.
  • Solved the DB problem? This one I doubt. But I am seeing far fewer problems at the moment. I’ve just unleashed the bees again, so I think the problem will be back.

We’ve had some people volunteer to help with the maintenance of the site, but we could probably use more. Let me know if you want to help. Especially helpful right now would be someone who is good at porting python 2 code to python 3.

Photo is a detail of one by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash

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