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  • WikiApiary is finally more responsive

    WikiApiary is finally more responsive

    Since writing about WikiApiary last, I didn’t have much time to work on it. In the meantime, denizens of the MediaWiki Stakeholders chat room (join us!) have mentioned more than once that it wasn’t very responsive. In the past few days, I finally took the chance to look at in terms of server resources rather…

  • WikiApiary status update

    WikiApiary status update

    The latest work on WikiApiary, including a bit of history and how *you* can get involved if you aren’t already at the end.

  • More WikiApiary progress

    More WikiApiary progress

    While WikiApiary was offline, its stewards–the MediaWiki Stakeholders user group–got a number of complaints. For a brief time, I tried to allay the worry by putting up a reassuring bee, but then I was spending time that I didn’t think I had, so I figured it would be better to use that time to actually…

  • First pass at WikiApiary DB tuning

    First pass at WikiApiary DB tuning

    Today, after asking for help with DB tuning on WikiApiary, Bernhard Krabina gave me some settings that had been used on a wiki with what looked like a ton of memory. I didn’t realize this at first, of course. No, I just put the settings into mysqld.cnf. That worked for a few minutes, but then…

  • How to get URLs in JavaScript for uploaded files in MediaWiki

    How to get URLs in JavaScript for uploaded files in MediaWiki

    Today, I was trying to remove hard-coded paths from some JS code. In my particular case, I started with a stem that looked like this: /img_auth.php/c/c9/Logo.png But MediaWiki provides different ways to configure it to serve images. The hard-coded url wouldn’t work in a wiki that had $wgHashedUploadDirectory set to false. And it wouldn’t work…