(Today, I took my camera with me on my ride. 30miles at 30degrees. Click the photo for a couple more.) After flirting with Google’s Picasa for Linux for managing my photos, I’m back to using f-spot. I like the timeline and that it doesn’t ask me to give a single “folder” for all the pictures I’m importing, but, instead, creates a directory structure so that my photos are sorted by date. Interestingly enough, it is actually better than Picasa for importing. Picasa won’t automatically rotate images when importing them from the camera where f-spot will. I still use Picasa for uploading pictures to be printed out (F-spot doesn’t support uploading to Wal-Mart), and I love the online Picasa’s ability to help recognise and tag people in photographs — 7000 faces in 10,000 photos are no fun to do by themselves, but when Google picks out the faces and suggests names, it becomes a little game to see how good it gets and to see which person Google thinks looks like each of my kids. (Yeah, I’m probably helping them improve their facial recognition software and they’ll end up selling that to the TSA, but … oh well.)