Oh, look! A blog meme.

Thirteen (dull) search strings that lead to Mark
I don’t usually do this. And certainly not in PINK, but Nathan is doing it, so I guess I should to.

  1. “nice trojan” — No way out for you. I REPORT YOU !
  2. shygmometer — So nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t spell sphygmometer … at least, I think that’s what they meant.
  3. perl one liner warsperl -wle '(1 x $_) !~ /^(11+)\1+$/ && print while ++ $_'
  4. what colleges offer a full ride to national merit scholars? — Don’t do it! It’s a trap!
  5. who is responsible for my sin and am i responsible for my sin should i still feel bad about my sins — Uh… “not me!”, “yes, you are”, “Neither I nor Google are your priest”
  6. “why is linux free” — Because Linus Torvalds loves you! (made the front page of google for this one!)
  7. fasnacht day — No! Mardi Gras!
  8. i need to teach my kids how to exercise? — Lazy parents always whine about how much work kids are.
  9. editing encrypted movies — Yes, I have mad hax0r skillz
  10. calories per mile cycling — No, no, no! It isn’t that straight forward!
  11. success late in life — Now I know I’m old!
  12. why do smart college students fail — Because they’re lazy.
  13. good things about dictatorship — Only when I’m in charge!

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