Adolescence isn’t really real.

Robert Epstein, author of The Case Against Adolescence in an interview in Psychology Today:

I believe that young people should have more options—the option to work, marry, own property, sign contracts, start businesses, make decisions about health care and abortions, live on their own—every right, privilege, or responsibility an adult has. […] competent young people deserve the chance to compete where it counts, and many will surprise us.

There is so much that I want to quote from the interview, I’ll just stick with that.  Go read the interview and the book. I’m just happy to have someone else confirm what I’ve suspected for a long time: teenagers exhibit behavior problems because we isolate and infantilize them.  Stop treating mature people like small children and they’ll become productive citizens. Oh, and ditch the current factory-based educational system which only serves to provide outmoded skills while keeping potentially productive members of society in lockdown for no good reason.

Cargo Cult Science

Cargo Cult Science in action.  Watch it work for children’s car seats.

Freakonomics author find that the seats don’t save lives.  New York Times does a review.  Researcher confirms the conclusions (and NYT doesn’t publish his letter).  Publisher of disproved report writes a letter to the NYT re-asserting their claims and NYT publishes the letter.

Of further interest: The highway commission evidently refused to publish a report that showed (no matter how they twisted the data) that children’s car seats in the 70s were worse than just using a safety belt.