End of Life for OpenWeblog

I just sent an email to everyone who has ever signed up on OpenWeblog.com, letting them know that I’m turning off the lights at the end of the month. That gives everyone two weeks to get their stuff relocated. I’ll be moving my own weblog to a WordPress installation. In a sense, this is a sign of my own impeding middle age. As I approach 40, I’m realizing how many things I’ve committed my time to, and how much each of those things is giving me in return. Some, like OpenWeblog, never came anywhere close to their potential. I’m excited by the things that weblogging and the LiveJournal platform make possible, but, unfortunately, that excitement didn’t translate into the work needed to actually making OpenWeblog meet that potential. And the truth is, my new position as Wikimedia’s Bugmeister is helping me fulfill a lot the potential I saw in OpenWeblog, but Bugmeistering takes a real commitment of my time and energy. That time and energy is beginning to provide real dividends that piddling with OpenWeblog is never going to meet. So, goodbye Openweblog. I’ll miss you, but not too much.