Oh, I see: you are fighting the services war.

This comment in MediaWiki’s task tracker really upset me. Instead of polluting the tracker with my rant, I decided to use my blog for its original intent: a nice rant.

Are insults like this really good to put in phabricator? I’m not fighting a war. If I were, I would be greatly outnumbered.

There are legitimate reasons for the Wikimedia’s engineering and operations teams to move bits of functionality out of the PHP core.

However, MediaWiki is free software and it has other users with other needs besides the Foundation.

For what its worth, the majority of my clients use services outside of PHP. For instance, I’ve set up and packaged Parsoid into RPMs for them and I’m currently working on creating RPMs for PediaPress’s PDF renderer (before I started, I looked at Offline content generator but wasn’t happy with where it was).

But, as a piece of free software, the ability for an individual to deploy mediawiki by themselves without the infrastructure provided by an IT department is vital for its adoption in organisations outside the WMF.

The WMF vision statement reads: “Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That’s our commitment.”

Making MW free software that more people can can share their bit of the “sum of all knowledge” without relying on the WMF or Wikipedia’s editors to be the gatekeepers.

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