Zombies and Morality

Over the past few years, old farts like myself have watched with some confusion the emergence of zombies in popular culture.  In one sense, I get it — zombies are a trope, a device that can be easily reused for story telling, just like space ships or time travel in much of science fiction.  But what makes them so popular?

And then, while reading through the comments on Fr Stephen‘s post titled “Sin is not a moral problem” (always read the comments on his blog posts), I came across this gem:

There’s a book called “I, Zombie”, in which the experience of being a zombie is told from the point of view of various people still conscious, but trapped within a body that has its own needs and does horrific things. Some people grow to enjoy the experience; some people struggle against it; some people find that while they have no control, they can exert a subtle influence. All the while their bodies are decaying around them. This is as close as I can come to an understanding of the sin problem.

This synopsis is as close as I can come to an understanding of zombie fiction.  It’s the first time I’m actually interested in a book about zombies.  I’m going to have to add this one to my reading list.

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