An eight-year-old rants to Peter Jackson

IMG_20140201_153340_952I took my family to see The Desolation of Smaug along with some friends today.  I found it entertaining even though I did notice that Peter Jackson did seem to take even more liberties with this than he did with Lord of the Rings.

I sat beside my eight-year-old daughter, Lily, during most of the film, though.  Her mother started reading the book to her a couple of times, but Lily ended up finishing the whole book herself.  Several times during the film she pulled my head towards her and would whisper fiercely comments like “This is WRONG! They didn’t do that!

Once we got home after the movie, she decided to write a letter to Peter Jackson.  I’ve reproduced it below with some minor changes in punctuation and spelling, but the words are hers.  We’ll be mailing the letter Monday, but I’ve gotten her permission to share it here.

Dear Peter Jackson,

I thought your movie was horrible. I thought this because you didn’t include things like Gandolf introducing the dwarfs to Beorn. All of the things you added are unnecessary like how you put Legolas in when he was only in Lord of the Rings.

Second, I think that you shouldn’t have put the elf-lady Tarvial in for love interest and because “there aren’t enough females.” Another thing you put in is that you made Smaug a Wyvren instead of a giant worm-like creature with wings. Also, you made Bard younger. Another think you put in was the dwarfs covering Smaug with gold.

Multiple times you had Bilbo take off the ring or it fell when it really didn’t. Another thing that was wrong is that you didn’t make the eagles TALK!! Also Kili was never shot. He also didn’t have a love interest. Next, the dwarfs never split up. Lastly, the barrels didn’t free float — they were on a raft.

A furious 3rd grader

P.S. The orcs never chased them on the river.

P.S.S. No one knew they were in the barrels.

One thought on “An eight-year-old rants to Peter Jackson”

  1. Dear Lily,

    I understand how you feel. This is why I did not even go see the movie. I don’t want it tampering with my sacred experience as a Tolkien reader.


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