Care about Freedom? Tell pollsters you’re voting for Gary Johnson!

[photocommons file=”Carter Reagan Debate 10-28-80.png” width=”158″]This morning, my mother told me she had gotten a call from a pollster asking “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

That this question can be used to predict (or so I hear) presidential elections seems like such a selfish way to look at things, but I do understand that is how we are motivated.

Still, I am more concerned about the things the president actually does like killing or imprisoning U.S. citizen’s without a trial.

Evidently many pople see that and think “Well, that doesn’t affect me, I have bills to pay” and vote accordingly.

Neither of the major party candidates is going to be any better on these issues.  And, since Ross Perot, they’ve made it very hard for third party candidates to get on presidential debates, so issues aren’t even discussed.

Ross Perot’s candidacy and appearance in debates made a dramatic difference in Clinton’s presidency.  Because a kooky third party candidate was able to talk directly to the mainstream candidates in a televised debate, the president who ended up getting elected had to act differently.

The Libertarian Party has what sounds like a reasonable way to get the bigger issues like civil liberties discussed without sacrificing your vote.  They’ve got their candidate on the ballot in all 50 states and if he can reach 15% in certain polls, he’ll be on the televised debates.

So, next time a pollster asks you who you are voting for, say “Gary Johnson”.  When your time in the polling booth comes, no one is going to force you to vote for him, so if he gets in a presidential debate and you think he is completely unrealistic, you can change your mind.  But lets get him on the stage.

7 thoughts on “Care about Freedom? Tell pollsters you’re voting for Gary Johnson!”

  1. 3rd party candidates are underrated. Any line with two points is unbalanced, it requires a third point to balance things out. I think there should be a line for voting for the Prince of Peace: Jesus – so elections would no longer about who can solve the world’s problems and more about who will do the least harm. We just don’t have the two best candidates for President this time around in the major parties. Bring out other ships!

  2. I like Ron Paul!

    But he isn’t going to be in the election after the Republican Primary. The Libertarian party’s candidate is Gary Johnson.

  3. If Mert can write Jesus in, I most definitely will have no scruples about entering Ron Paul. 🙂 Especially since I don’t expect any third party candidate to ever win; just aiming for a clean conscience here.

  4. did I just miss the whole point of your post?

    Maybe. But sometimes I don’t communicate clearly enough. Let me try this:

    Since the 80s, the Republicans and the Democrats have colluded to keep close control of televised debates. Part of this collusion has meant that the League of Women Voters refused to host the debates any more. Part of this collusion was used to keep Perot out of the debates even though he managed to get 19% of the vote.

    In order to get some issues discussed, we have to get third parties in the debates. Because the CPD won’t let anyone on now who polls lower than 15% (Ross Perot was polling at 9%), we need to get the polls to show that Gary Johnson has 15% support.

    If you like Ron Paul, you’ll probably like Gary Johnson. I don’t expect him to win. He has no chance.

    However, there is a chance that Gary could poll at 15%. Given that Ron Paul has repeatedly said he won’t run as an independent, I don’t think Ron has that chance.

  5. Okay, I get it and you’re pretty convincing. I’ll go look up Mr. Johnson. It’s frustratingly difficult for me to think outside the box.

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