She saw me at the coffee shop

My oldest daughter was surfing wasting time when she did a double take on this photo — she thought it was me.

Long hair, beard, coffee, computer… yeah, i see the similarity.

3 thoughts on “She saw me at the coffee shop”

  1. But would Jesus drink Starbucks? (Would you?)

    My children used to regularly confuse me with an upside down picture of the Mona Lisa, wearing a clown face, found in a children’s book they liked.

  2. But would Jesus drink Starbucks? (Would you?)

    i can’t speak for Jesus, but I’ll just point out that he didn’t hide when he ate with tax collectors who were thought that to be un-ethical.

    Geez! With that in mind, he might even shop at Wal-Mart!

    (I confess that I have both shopped at Wal-Mart and had coffee at Starbucks.)

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