I love graphs … and it rained

So, this morning I was going to my Thursday morning “Early Risers” study group hosted by my (Orthodox) church with my neighbor, a Mennonite peace activist (see $10.40 for Peace for his most recent effort) and it was raining.

Since I don’t follow news, except the big stories that hit the Interwebs, I didn’t realize that we were getting the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. But we were.

So, at 6:15am as we passed through a low point, we saw a trailer park near a creek flooded, its residents standing at the roadside watching the water threaten their homes.

We got to the study group at 6:30AM along with a few others but my priest, who usually leads the group, wasn’t able to make it because of flooding on the road. So those of us who got there continued in his absence.

On the way back home at 7:45 the highway (US 222) was closed, so we took the slow road (PA 272).

Along the way, we passed the trailer park again. This time the flood waters had clearly reached some of the homes and were just about a foot from the road. But we slugged on and soon we were safely home.

Shortly after dvfmama left for work in Lancaster, but she soon returned. All the roads out of town (we live on a hill) were closed. Evidently, our children’s school got the same message: school was canceled due to the flooding.

(Here come the graphs!) My neighbor gave me links to some charts of the flooding. And it is pretty striking. The amount of rain in the past few days has caused local rivers to rise significantly, and meant that they’re carrying a lot more water. In some sense, because I live on a hill outside of a flood zone, this was a nice reminder of New Orleans, but still, it is good too keep in mind that others suffered.

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