Good friends, Hurricanes and school

I have let a few things build up that I want to write about (and I’m trying to make sure the bugosphere doesn’t overwhelm me entirely), so here is a potpourri of what is going on.

Good Friends

This past weekend, someone from New Orleans that I’ve been working with for the past eight or nine years was in New York City and said he wanted to get together. It provided a nice excuse to go up to NYC. We had a great dinner and had fun catching up. Even though I’m not a businessman, I have a few friends like this one who own and run their own business and I love their perspective.

While I was in NYC, I made good on a threat I’ve made before to this open source power couple that I know, Leonard and Sumana. I met Leonard seven years ago when we were both working on the Clark campaign. I didn’t realize then how truly bright he was, but if you google “Leonard Richardson”, you’ll see that he has written quite a bit. And he maintains a fairly humble attitude and has a wonderful sense of humor. You can see this in his O’Reilly Bio: Leonard Richardson has been programming since he was eight. Recently the quality of his code has improved somewhat.

When I said I wanted to meet him, he asked what I wanted to do. I suggested Museum of the Moving Image since it was near where he lived and, as it happens, was hosting the traveling Jim Henson exhibit. I vividly remembered Leonard playing the Manamana video for his fellow Clark staffers, so I thought this might be right up his alley. I was right.

I didn’t know Sumana before the WMF but she was brought on as our Volunteer Development Coordinator this year (in the TL;DR group, which I am a part of and I can only find a brief mention of in this “Platform Engineering” blog post) and, lo, open source runs in small circles. Sumana and Leonard are married!


Of course, Hurricane Irene was on our minds. As someone who has lived through several hurricane seasons in New Orleans (but not, I admit, Hurricane Katrina), I was a little more amused than I should have been that NYC was evacuating parts of the city because of predicted 50 knot winds (though, I admit that I thought shutting down the subway was a good move — I will condescend at least that much).

Even if the storm that hit NYC didn’t meet my stringent standards for impending doom, it was still good to hear that Sumana and Leonard survived.


Oh, and as if that isn’t enough trauma in my life: tomorrow is the first day of school for my children. Given that and dvfmama’s work outside the house, it’ll be my first day for quite some time by myself.

I don’t know if I can handle the solitude.

2 thoughts on “Good friends, Hurricanes and school”

  1. Which is more shocking to me: that you blogged (and that not about Wikimedia :)) or that your kids are going to school? Hmmm.

    Hope they don’t run into social problems being placed 4 grades above where they “should” be. 🙂

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