So you want to have your code run on Wikipedia?

Today, in response to a query in wikitech-l, I realized no one had laid out a set of steps for getting an extension deployed on Wikimedia sites.  I wrote out my first draft and a few people in Ops pointed out a number of things that I had missed.  Together, we came up with a fairly complete guide.

This is the second or third time this has come up in the past month.  For example, I’ve directed Santhosh in the steps towards deployment of his WebFonts extension which you can see in action on GerardM’s blog.

The process for getting an extension deployed has been pretty opaque and scary.  Hopefully this documentation will help the WMF developers, people in Operations, and volunteer developers get things done more smoothly.

10 thoughts on “So you want to have your code run on Wikipedia?”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Bawolff. Roan told me that last night and I forgot. Added in the “See Also” section of that page.

  2. Great that there’s a guide now 🙂
    I added a link to [[Deployment queue]] (also a quite new page).
    And I added WikimediaIncubator there, for which I’m waiting quite a long time (I hope someone finally enables it).
    If only these pages on existed longer ago…

    BTW: there is still a typo in ‘GerardM’ 🙂

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