Back in the saddle (metaphorically, that is)

I’m back home now after being released from rehab yesterday. While my doctor has ordered me off the bike and not to drive, I’m finally able to sleep in my own bed. Today I met the guy who called the Ambulance for me. He said he saw me skidding along with my head down, when I didn’t get, up he ran over and borrowed the driver’s phone to call 911. Through the whole experience, my faith in humanity (and especially in the people around me) has grown, something I hope to write about soon. But for now: I’m alive and home.

2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle (metaphorically, that is)”

  1. Glad to see your home again. You had me badly worried for a while there. Hope you’re back to normal (or better!) soon.

    God bless, my friend.

  2. A reminder that so much of staying alive depends on other people doing what they can. Everyday it is simply growing crops, driving on my side of the road, contributing to worthy causes or showing up for fellowship. During times of crisis, it is stepping up and doing what we can, when we can, including calling the ambulance right away.

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