Patch and directions to build 64bit Google Gears

Ok, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted the 64bit Linux installer for Google Gears. And some people have asked for the diff or a smaller installer. Fair enough. There they are. The directions for compiling your own are simple enough. Here is a cut-n-paste list of directions:

svn co gears  cd gears  curl | patch -p0  chmod +x third_party/gecko_1.9/linux/gecko_sdk/bin/xpidl  cd gears  make

If you look at the diff, you’ll see there is nothing particularly 64bit-ish about it. Its mostly just fixing warnings and declarations. So the real question I have is: Why doesn’t Google offer 64bit builds? (Now, if only I could come up with an Ubuntu package for this…)

2 thoughts on “Patch and directions to build 64bit Google Gears”

  1. Sweet!

    A million thank-yous. I’ve currently been relying on other people to build the XPIs and post them on the Internet. Now I can finally build it myself.
    I hope your bike trip was awesome.

  2. Why doesn’t Google offer 64bit builds?

    The official response is because they would then have to also stress-test the 64-bit builds, which is most definitely true. Apparently it is not currently worth their time to do so.
    It seems that by now most things should be defaulting to 64-bit and 32-bit should be the outlier, but that must just be me.

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