Google Gears for 64bit Linux Firefox

Since I run 64bit Ubuntu, I couldn’t use use Google Gears. Which was annoying. The Google Gears site says 64bit OSes are not supported. But it is open source. So I grabbed the source code, tweaked a few things here and there and I now have Google Gears up and running on my 64bit OS. It hasn’t crashed and burned yet, but I haven’t really tested it heavily yet, either (suggestions welcome). Anyway, here’s the XPI to install it. I’ll post the source soon. Or maybe just the diffs to the Google Gears list.

4 thoughts on “Google Gears for 64bit Linux Firefox”

  1. Instructions

    Could you post step-by-step instructions on how you modified and compiled the code? I would like to be able to do this myself.

  2. Re: Why so big? Not for Firefox 3.6a1pre

    It’s big because it includes the debugging symbols. I’ll see if I can’t build a regular version and post the diffs.

    1. Re: Why so big? Not for Firefox 3.6a1pre

      I was wondering if you had any time to build a Firefox 3.6 version 😉

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