Emacs Hack: mediawiki.el

I’ve gotten some feedback on the mediawiki mode I’ve been working on.  So I’m releasing a new version.  Some highlights:

  • Now works with HTTP Auth (I’ll write a seperate post on how Emacs handles credentials for HTTP Authentication).
  • Introduced tab-completion of sites.  If you have multiple MW sites set up that you work on, this makes switching between sites super-easy.
  • Started working on making it more XEmacs compatible.  As far as I can tell, XEmacs lacks the Unicode support that GNU Emacs has.  The released version of XEmacs also lacks the POSIX character classes for regular expressions and ships with a very out-dated version of url.el.  All these combine to make it very difficult.  But do-able.  I’m surprised there are still XEmacs users, but if it doesn’t cause me too much pain, I’ll help them out.
  • Misc other clean up (including making the url.el wrappers much better).

4 thoughts on “Emacs Hack: mediawiki.el”

  1. “error in process sentinel”

    Hi Mark,

    This is a very interesting project! I would love to be able to edit wiki pages directly in Emacs without resorting to “It’s all text” or the like.

    However, I’m running into some trouble using in GNU Emacs version 22.2.1 on Ubuntu. I’m using the url.el that comes with Emacs (not sure if I should find a newer one somewhere?).

    I can login on the wiki server and load a page, but I keep getting the error “error in process sentinel: Selecting deleted buffer” in *Messages*.

    Also, saving pages with C-x C-s seems to have no effect.

    Any ideas?


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