Ubuntu, for Humans

Amber, a non-technical mother, tries Ubuntu. This sounds like Alexis‘s use of Ubuntu. I’m a geek (like her husband) and my wife wants to learn how to use Linux. The amazing and amusing thing (to me) is that she when I installed Ubuntu on our kids laptops, Alexis was the one who began talking to them about the philosophy of Free Software and the obligations of the GPL. I wish Amber the best and hope that she can join the ranks of other “normal” people I know who use Ubuntu: my mother, my friend, Jim Bonewald, my cousin, Jeremy Stein (and the rest of his family), and of course, Alexis and my kids. Linux users may not yet be measurable, but we’re growing. And a lot of credit goes to Canonical and Ubuntu.

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  1. Re: My GF uses Ubuntu

    sure, the client os becomes less important, but read over Amber’s weblog. She does use the OS and doesn’t just do web-centric things. desktop publishing, IM, photos. She uses desktop software for all that.

    So don’t sell the desktop too short.

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