Referrer Blacklist

In addition to helping bring IntraHealth’s web stats up-to-date, I’ve been working on my own. I’ve been playing around with Webalizer and awstats. While I prefer awstats, I really hate referrer spam. Awstats allows you to specify a blacklist and suggests using MT-Backlist for a list of blacklisted, referrer-spamming domains. The problem? MT-Blacklist is abandoned and the author suggests using TypePad’s Antispam service as a replacement. This is all well and good if you’re just worried about comment spam, but it does me no good when I’m trying to keep referrer spam out of my parsed logs. I looked around for someone maintaining a more up-to-date list, but couldn’t find it. Maybe that just means I’m the only person interested in such a list. Maybe the old list works for most people who want to use it. But I found several referrers that it doesn’t block and added them. If you’re interested in a more up-to-date list, you can pull from my github repository. If you have domains to add, you can ask me to pull from your repository. It may be that I am the only person interested in this, but if not, github will give us a way to collaborate on a list.

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