Open Source Talk

(Took some more pics on my ride yesterday. Played with macro a bit, too.) Last night, I gave a talk at the Central PA Linux Users Group (CPLUG) that I called “Bringing Open Source to Africa”. While I could have made it more general and talked about the various Open Source projects that have grown out of or are centered around Africa — and perhaps this is a topic for another time — I focused on the projects that IntraHealth is doing and how we’ve created or used Open Source. The talk was followed by some good discussion and I got to talk about KnowledgeTree some as one of my friends there had heard of it and thought it would be useful, but was a little scared of setting it up. The biggest drawback was that, due to my poor planning, I didn’t get a set of slides done till just before the talk. I was lucky here because other people at IntraHealth have done so many talks so I was able to use their material to create my own presentation. (copy of my slides.)

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