notify.el — pop-up notifications from emacs using dbus

Since emacs on Linux can use DBus calls now, I wrote a short notify.el as a demonstration to myself and to save myself from forking notify-send (because, uh, forking is bad) whenever someone mentions my nick in IRC. There is a delay built into it so that your “friends” on IRC can’t DDOS you with notifications. Oh, the really nifty thing about this is the function keywords-to-properties. elisp keywords (:example) allow you to fake named parameters in function calls. This is done a couple of different places in Emacs, the most visible being defcustom. But there isn’t any universal way that I could find to parse the keyword-value pairs into something usable. So I cribbed from defcustom and wrote something that I hope will be useful to others.

3 thoughts on “notify.el — pop-up notifications from emacs using dbus”

  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you’re doing well enough to be be bugged by the supervision.

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