Via the inimitable Leonnard and the Random Recipe Generato that he found, I give you this recipe for Battered Vinigar:

Battered Vinegar Serves 4 You will need: * 50g mince * 20ml vinegar * 120g soft cheese * 60ml cod liver oil * 60ml soy sauce Instructions: 1. whisk the mince 2. saute the mince 3. microwave the vinegar 4. stir the vinegar 5. defrost the soy sauce 6. saute the soy sauce 7. microwave the soy sauce 8. stir the mince 9. blend with the vinegar 10. heat the soy sauce 11. heat the vinegar 12. add one tablespoon of the soy sauce 13. grind the mince 14. flip the vinegar 15. rinse the soft cheese 16. whisk the cod liver oil 17. throw it all away

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