I feel great!

Yesterday, I jumped on my bike at 7:00AM (after fixing a flat), planning to do 30 miles.  I got in five miles before I realized I had a dentist appointment.  I rushed home, brushed my teeth and verified that I had time to bike to the dentist.  45 minutes, plenty of time. After the teeth cleaning (No Cavities!  Whoopee!), I dropped by Panera to work. At lunch, I biked home, bringing my total for the day to 40 miles. I realized it, as I rode home in the 45 degree weather.  “I feel great!” I told dvfmama, “I just finished 40 miles in the almost-freezing cold and I feel great!”  There are other signs, too.  Like the work I’ve been doing to replace the bathroom sink and finish painting the trim.  That’s stuff that usually annoys me (even though it annoys me that it sits there, undone), but now I was finally doing it — even finding places where each of my children, including the 3 year old, could help out. I feel great. So, last night dvfmama was asking me why I haven’t written anything on my weblog lately.  “I don’t have anything to write” “Sure you do,” she said. “You feel great.” And now you know.

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