“Next time, we won’t leave”:

But if the enduring image of Gustav is a U.S. soldier with an M-16 denying a citizen the right to return to his home, then you can pretty much write off the next “mandatory” evacuation.

Looks like, as is typical of New Orleans and the feds, they’re mishandling the situation. I’m very glad that Gustav didn’t hurt people like Katrina did.  The authorities need to recognize this and let people get back to normal as soon as possible. If you’re looking for some first-hand accounts of Gustav, I would point you to a few Twitterers GambitWeekly, NOLAnotes, and MarkMayhew. You should also check out Mark’s photostream on flickr especially Cafe du Monde as you’ve never seen her: empty. Twitter has a lot of problems, but the one thing it is really good at it getting people’s thoughts and impressions published as quickly and easily as possible.  In a situation like Gustav where people don’t have time to compose blog entries or even full sentances, the stream-of-conciousness that Twitter enables really gives you a feeling for what is happening on the ground. While I did check out a couple of news sites, most of my information about Gustav came from Twitter via TwitterBerry.

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