God Bless the TSA

So, I arrive in Kampala and find a little love note from the TSA: “We rifled through your things.   Carry on, citizen!” In fact, I could tell they had before I even saw the note.  Everything had was shuffled around.  Not the “settles during travel” sort of shuffling but “you pack like an idiot, let me show you better” sort of shuffling.  Well, thank you very much.  I suppose I can be glad that not only am I learning better ways to pack my things, but I’m also being protected from bombs and such being smuggled aboard planes. I mean, at least they’re successful at that, right? (If you don’t click the link, it points to a news article from earlier this year about TSA failing to spot explosives.) No, I could tell they had searched my bags even without the note.  Whoever searched them decided to pocket my camera and bluetooth headset.  I suppose this is just another perk of working at the TSA and I shouldn’t begrudge them this small compensation for their wonderful work in protecting us from terrorist shoe bombers. (At least these things are easily replaced.  Unlike this guy’s experience with custom-made equipment, I can go to the mall to replace them.) (Update: I found my camera and apologized.)

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