Cycling Madman

Mad CyclistAs I told my tweeps, I did 50 miles today. This brings me to a total of 140 miles for the week — closer to where I want to be, but not quite there yet. I hope to get 40 miles in tomorrow and then settle back down to 30 miles/day for the rest of the week. And, at this point, I can tell you that I probably won’t make that goal.  I know 20 miles/day is reasonable for me, but adding another 10 miles is pushing the envelope.  At least right now it is.  We’ll see how I do tomorrow. Since I’ve been riding more and talking about it, I have encouraged several other people to consider taking it up.  A friend of mine is a manager at the Panera Bread about 10 miles from here.  He has seen me in there enough times (a little more than once a week for the past couple of months) that, combined with rising gas prices, he was seriously considering getting a bike and riding. Another acquaintance (at the Thursday morning study group (I leave at 5:45 to get there for the 6:30 start) was impressed that I was riding in the city.  “Oh, you just have to have confidence and act like you belong,” I said.  “Cars are like dogs, they can sense fear.”  She seemed to be considering expanding her riding options on the half recumbent she shares with her husband. Its amazing, really, how doing something you love can affect other people.  I love to ride and, while I’m not going to convert anyone who is dead-set against getting on a bike, some more ambivalent cyclists are thinking “Hey, I could do a little bit more.”  People who are absolutely terrified of riding will begin to think about some of the statistics I cite for them.

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