Best week EVAH!

As Nathan said, I’ve been putting down a lot of miles.  Today, I rode 40 miles, bringing my total for the week to 180 miles (and, for what its worth, 9600 calories).  I’ve got just over 1000 miles on this bike, 500 miles a month. (In other news, I need to write about my work on open source soon.)

One thought on “Best week EVAH!”

  1. history

    There are many reasons. I suggest we all try and investigating them. I didn’t read the paper, but it doesn’t look like the paper zeros in on them — instead opting to characterize the problem in computing as one of society in general. Thus your reaction: “but no one is going to rectify them right now”.

    One example I saw recently was in the short synopsis of ENIAC in a book. The blurb didn’t mention any of the people — women — who worked with on the project. This struck me as odd since histories of other computer projects often mention the men who worked on them. This “quiet revisionism” does a poor job of setting good examples for other women interested in computing.

    Don’t settle for the status que.

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