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Hrm… If I’m going to continue posting these OW-related pieces, I should really start up the News blog. In any case, I just confirmed that Login is working again. Let me know ASAP if you find something else broken. And, as I said, in response to ‘s comment on the last status update: I’ve changed all accounts so that they are validated again. I’m really kind of surprised to have anyone outside my friends and family asking me about the OpenWeblog site. It would be really helpful if you could let me know what you use OW for that LJ doesn’t provide.

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  1. please fix the profile editing problem! 🙁 i would love to use this server because it offers.. peace? and it doesn’t seem to have as much downtime as livejournal does and there wouldn’t be such a strong struggle for usernames. my friends and i roleplay using journals and you wouldn’t believe how impossible it is to get anything done through livejournal! i would even be willing to donate some money to you if you need it, you can e-mail me at with anything you need :-/ in the event that you see this and reply to it, please re-screen it so that my email address isn’t revealed to anyone who might lurk!

  2. I thought I had already given you more user pics. Could you verify that you only have 10?

  3. how does one go about getting their own server? and would you say that the code is hard/difficult to install? how did you get your own domain?

    1. HOWTO

      Wow…. How much time do you have?

      You can purchase your own domain for $10/year at places like

      The code isn’t that hard to install if you have mod_perl experience. If all you want to do is host a weblog, though, setting up WordPress is about 10,000 time simpler.

      I lease a fairly large server from M5Hosting that I have sliced up into different virtual machines. I would not recommend attempting that if you are even asking the question. If you can afford your own dedicated server (~$75/mo) then you can call up Mike at M5Hosting and he’ll help you set up a smaller server. You must be familiar with Linux.

      You can also get smaller, less powerful virtual servers from places like SliceHost ($20/mo). I would not plan on running an installation of LiveJournal on a virtual server of that size, though.

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