Don’t Trust Politics to Smart People

Tim Bray is arguably very smart in technical areas. He leads the list of authors on the XML Spec, after all. But just because he can do amazing things with angle brackets doesn’t mean you should trust his opinion on anything else. I wasn’t too surprised about his opinion on Kosovo, even if I did disagree, but now he’s advocating deposing dictators, without all the “Republican cronyism, corruption, and stupidity”. Um, yeah. I think this is how the neo-cons started, isn’t it? Someone like Tim Bray thinks “Well, wars aren’t all bad, just the way they are doing them. If I were in charge, I could do it right. And, of course, the targets I would pick would be the right ones.” Update: If you still think there is a possibility that instigating a war is sometimes OK, read Aaron Swartz’s “Intentionality of Evil“.

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