Bike sales are up?

There seems to be a number of stories about bike sales going up. Apparently this AP story from Maryland spurred a local story that has accounts from local bicycle shops about increased (or not) sales. Though reports from shop owners are conflicting, it looks like people in the city (represented by Cycle Circle — the guy who sold me my bike — and Bike Line), most of whom naturally have a shorter commute, are starting to pick up bikes. People out in my area (the article mentions two stores in the neighboring town of Ephrata) aren’t quite as ready to start bike commuting. I mentioned that my daughter’s godfather was looking at folding bikes. This week he told he got one and is putting 40 miles a week on it at each end of the train commute. I expect this sort of trend to continue as gas prices edge their way up over the next few years. (In other news, I put 45 miles on my bike yesterday with travel from here to there and back again. If I found a way to do that every day, I could hit 200 miles a week easy.)

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