Back in the Saddle

In the past 48 hours, I’ve put 75 miles on my bike. I’m hoping for another 30 tomorrow. If I keep this up, I can do 200 a week, easily. I told that it took me 30 years to ride a bike and one of the kids asked what that meant. “Oh, he just means it took him that long to ride using common sense.” Hrm… Not sure I would put it that way… But I’ve been told plenty of times I have no common sense, so maybe there is something to that. In any case, today, for the first time in a while, I wiped out. I took my bike over a guardrail. That sounds more dangerous than it was. I was fiddling with my water bottle and going around a curve. I try to stay as far from the center of the road as possible — usually I’m to the right of the white line. On this particular stretch, the road travels through a bit of woods on the side of a hill and, yep, there is a guardrail. So, with my water bottle fiddling and riding close to the guardrail, I brushed up against it and, after a bit of a struggle to maintain control, went over the guardrail. With my feet in the clips, the bike came with me. And, of course, the water bottle rolled into the road where oncoming traffic hit it and gave it a nice leak.

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