A month of riding

Tomorrow, May 27th, marks four weeks with my new bike. Its a great relationship. I’ll hit 420 miles tomorrow. That makes just over 100 miles a week. I’d like to do more. Last week, in North Carolina, I was able to get about 40 miles every other day. I know I can hit 20+ miles a day here, but I’m not sure I can hit more than 30 miles/day just yet. I haven’t ditched my old hybrid, but I’ve left the child seat on it. Now, when I want to go riding with the kids, or take my 3 year old, I can just pull down the old bike and away we go. Last week I realized something I hadn’t understood before. Whereas driving drains energy from me and I get irritated by the amount of gas I use (however small), cycling feels empowering and, because I’m not irritated, I go more places. Like I said, its a great relationship.

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