Gorilla Nest Story

So, I didn’t get to visit the gorillas, but the reporter for this story saw them. What caught my eye, though, was this description of the Gorilla’s Nest Lodge where we stayed:

That evening, as the sun was setting over the valley, the gardens of the Gorilla Nest Lodge resounded with drums and chants. In the magic of an African sunset, the garden exploded with sound and movement as a troupe of dancers rushed on to the lawn. There were lithe young men in long wigs resembling lions’ manes, exuberant young women and beaming little girls in white Communion-style dresses. As they performed traditional Rwandan dances, they tossed their heads, gyrated, twisted and jumped with ecstatic abandon, to the accompaniment of a hypnotic chant that echoed long after they had gone.

I should point out, If you’re interested in the stuff I write about here — Orthodoxy, Rwanda, Emacs, Linux, etc. — I’ve got a few link over on GotNoBlog.com. Why there and not del.icio.us? Because I want to do something useful with the domain besides let it be turned it into yet another empty site of spam. And it is similar to what I first saw the name GotNoBlog.

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  1. welcome

    Welcome to the world of parental guilt. … and realizing that whatever we fail to do God forgives.

    I also discovered in looking through the prayer book prayers to give guidelines for praying for family members in various situations.Also pertinent.

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