Apple Puppies

The technophile in me really does grok why people love Apple’s products so much.  I get it: the iPod is nice, the Air is amazing, and OS X is shiny. But the freetard in me continues to recoil from Apple’s totalitarian nature.  Even companies that should know better (O’Reilly, host of OSCon) end up drooling like puppy dogs around Apple. Which makes this comment from Russell Beattie so perfect:

Instead of encouraging your readers to break the law (the DMCA however loathsome covers the sort of stuff you have to do to get code running on the iPhone), I wish you’d recognize that Apple doesn’t deserve this sort of attention from you or developers.

Cory Doctorow’s talk on at the 2006 RedHat summit gives another clue why you should be careful about Apple when it comes to your freedom.

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