Wolfowitz stuck me with his Breakfast bill

Wolfowitz's Reciept(I plan on writing a summary of my thoughts on Rwanda, but felt like this deserved a special note.) As I mentioned before, Paul Wolfowitz was staying at the same hotel as I was at in Rwanda.  Evidently, I’m a good friend of his.  Good enough, that he thinks I’ll pay his bills for him. The hotel serves a decent little breakfast and which they include in the cost of the room.  Every morning at breakfast, they’ll give you a bill, and you sign your name with your room number.  If you have guests, you’re expected to pay for them. On the 4th, he was checking out (he left on the same plane as dcm) and had two or three guests at breakfast. For some reason, he put my room number on his bill and signed it. Did he forget his own room number? Or is he just the sort to try and skip out on his bills. Perhaps we’ll never know. (The signature is not clearly and distinctly “Wolfowitz” but, then, few people’s signatures are clear and distinct. The first part is obviously “P. Wolfo…” and the end looks like a “z”, Which leaves us to fill in the “wit”.)

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