Rwanda Day 2 continued

I stayed at the Capacity offices as long as I could.  I could feel the fatigue hitting me pretty hard, but after lunch (including some kind of purplish yam and a good dose of caffeine) I managed to get the System 76 Laptop in some kind of working order. I should give props here to dcm who suggested that I “download the internet” and take it with me to Rwanda.  I managed to get around 175GB of the Ubuntu repository mirrored onto a disk.  This proved invaluable when I was installing the system and applying updates.  For a little while I switched to the usual web-based mirror and was told it would take a couple of hours to download everything I needed (for perspective, at home, the download times take no more than five or ten minutes).  Having the disk handy meant I could install packages directly.  The mirror isn’t complete, so some things did have to be downloaded, but the majority of stuff was right there. One bug I ran into showed up after I did an “aptitude dist-upgrade” after doing a clean install.  All of the sudden I couldn’t log in via GDM.  (The last time I had problems with a gutsy upgrade, it was using XFS so probably not something that was a core concern.) Weary from lack of sleep and not really in the mood for too much trouble-shooting, I ended up purging “ubuntu-desktop” (and its dependent packages) and then reinstalling it.  Strangely enough, that did the trick (for the most part). After that, I told Vanessa I was ready to give in to sleep.  We walked back to the hotel with me snapping pictures like a madman on the way back.  I saw some armed police standing outside and asked if I could photograph them.  “It is not allowed.”  Fine, no close ups for you! Once back I crashed in the hotel.  The turndown service woke me up twice.  First when they came in un-announced — or maybe I didn’t hear them knock and only woke up when they opened the door — and the second time when they called me (two times in a row).  I was so confused I thought they were asking for someone named “Tom”.  I was pretty annoyed, but it didn’t keep me from falling back to sleep quickly. Finally dcm woke me up so we could go have dinner at the Mille Colline.  Curried Veg, yum!

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