Day 4, Rwandan Food

Banana BeerBecause Banana Beer is the Lutefisk of Rwanda, Vanessa insisted that dcm and I try some.  So last night’s dinner was actually somewhat Rwandan, as compared with the other food we’ve been eating. (Photo by dcm.) The restaurant (La Republica) had a great view of the night time city.  The menu was a bit sparse, but did include goat dishes.  And Banana Beer. dcm took a couple of sips of the muddy stuff and, after declaring it “tastes like mead”, he refused to touch any more.  That left Vanessa and I, operating under the twin principles of “Waste not, Want not” and “Eat what is put in front of you” respectively, to finish it off. LunchI ended up swigging the last of it down and regretted having any before I was finished.  The syrupy stuff didn’t make me retch, but the way it sat on my stomach was unpleasant, to say the least. The other food, (goat soup and plantain) was really good, and considering the buffet of native-ish food we visited for lunch, I’d give the countries fare a B overall so far.  Not too outstanding but, with the right seasoning, quite edible. Just don’t give me any more banana beer.

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