God isn’t Just

At least not the way most people think of it.  “That rapist deserves to rot in Hell.  I’m sure God will see to it.” The Holy Trinity wills only the good of the sinner, even at the cost of justice. (From The Injustice of GraceBut does not the Scripture speak of God’s anger and wrath against sin? These texts, says St Isaac, must be interpreted figuratively, not literally. God does not act out of anger or wrath. He never acts to harm his creatures. He never acts out of vengeance. This is a long way from the god who reacts to our actions with anger and condemnation.  Read the whole post.  It’s worth it. By contrast, check out how some Protestants deal with sin (the instances mentioned in the WSJ article seem to be primarily focused on challenges to the power of the Pastor).  And I’ll come right out and say I’ve seen similar abuses in Orthodoxy, but even when the priest is abusive, his power isn’t ultimate.  So many of these people obviously lack the humility and grace that should be the identifying characteristics of Christian leaders.

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