Perl6 Hacking

I’ve been watching the brouhaha over Perl6 this week and, because I’m really, really good at procrastinating on my work, I went and downloaded Pugs again and ran the smoke test. I quickly found a few failing tests that looked relatively straightforward to fix in the Perl6 implementation of File::Util. Fixing them and adding new tests was pretty straightforward. One oddity that I wasn’t aware of: Perl6 Str objects don’t have a length property. Instead (because of the multibyte nature of Unicode), you have to ask for bytes or chars. I wonder how Perl6’s unicode support compares with Ruby 1.9’s lackluster unicode support. I would hope it would be better (since Perl5 has [some] Unicode support and Ruby 1.8 did not), but from all the Unicode experience I’ve had in the past, I can’t say I have more than hope.

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