Christ is Born!

Ok, it is the second day of Christmas, but still… Christ is Born! Glorify Him! If you haven’t yet gotten your fill of articles about the historicity of the account of Christ’s nativity, check out Father Stephen’s take:

And the pattern, according to a very ancient arrangement, is the same as that of Pascha, for the simple reason that the event of Christmas cannot be understood until one understands Pascha … Here the God whom the universe could not contained is contained in a Virgin’s Womb, born in a cave, wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger. At Pascha, He whom the universe cannot contain is contained in Hades (the ultimate dark cave), wrapped in fine-linen and placed in a tomb. […] None of this is to remove the events of the Gospel from history. But in the Gospels, Pascha shapes history – and not the other way around. […] But history is not the vehicle of our salvation: the Church alone has been ordained by God to be such a vessel. The radical historicization of Scripture is another part of the leveling of Reformation radicalism, seeking to democratize what God has not put in the hands of every man.

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