Evidence Based Scheduling

I thought Joel Spolsky had jumped the shark when he revealed that he was using a language that his company had developed: “Wasabi, a very advanced, functional-programming dialect of Basic.” Ok… Guess who I don’t consider an authority on anything but Excel and MS DOS any more? (I am not alone in this thought.) Still, he is a great thinker and, I imagine, a great manager. He still has good ideas. And this article on Evidence Based Scheduling is very, very attractive. If I started doing more detailed planning up front for any task I was going to do and gave those tasks estimates, I could easily fit that with the time tracking that I already do and come up with decent estimates for my time. Right now, I when I look at a days worth of tasks in Planner, it looks something like this:

@9:00 Finish up Database creation for iHRIS @10:30 Read up on how to use i2ce @13:00 Create simple address book in I2CE @19:00 Paint Kitchen @20:00 Refactoring Code @21:00 Notify Users of Move

If I add an estimate for each task, then I’ll be able to use Joel’s Evidence Based Scheduling pretty quickly. Of course, it is designed for teams of people, but, I have a feeling it would be useful for just one person, too.

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