Power, Launchpad, and Bazaar

Last night, David (who long ago earned his own TLA of “dcm”), told me some of his ideas for improving the battery life script that I wrote up. “Yeah,” I said, “just wait until I put it on Launchpad and then you can file bugs against it.” Now it is on Launchpad, but there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to file bugs against it. I guess I would have to set up a separate project — something I’m not sure I’m ready to do yet. A lot of this should be merged, somehow, into GNOME Power Manager and some already is. For now, just email me or post a comment here if you want something from it. Still, there should be an easy way to turn off wifi, for example, without an using external kill switch. I should mention how much I like Bazaar since it is what Launchpad uses to mirror the source code. Yes, mirror. I can host the source on Launchpad itself, but since I prefer to “own” my own code, I like to have it hosted on my own server and mirrored elsewhere. Actually, the main repository is on my laptop and I just push a copy of that to my server, which Launchpad then mirrors. All these layers of indirection aren’t the most space-efficient way to get things done — Bazaar is distributed — but they create a lot of redundancy, which I like when dealing with production code. Of course, this isn’t a concern when dealing with a couple of scripts, but it for larger projects. Since I’m using Launchpad, I pretty much have to use bzr. And, while it may be a little immature compared to other DVCS out there, I’m very pleased with it. For my ITP’d debian packages, I’m using bzr-builddeb where I can and svn-buildpackage where I can’t. For me, the killer feature of bzr is the ease of putting your code under version control and then, later, publishing it if you like. That Launchpad is willing to mirror it and build multi-arch packages for it makes bzr all the more attractive.

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