I could feel it last night as I went to bed. I’m exhausted from these three days of riding. I’ll take the next two days off. Supposably, this week I’ve burned around 4000 calories. And when I weighed myself this AM, I had gained a pound! I’ll haven’t increased my caloric intake (as far as I can tell), but I suppose I need to look at restricting it if my goal is to lose some weight. Status quo must not be maintained.

3 thoughts on “Exhaustion”

  1. You can vary a few pounds in water weight and other reasons. You should weigh yourself at the same time each day to see more of an average.


  2. Re: One weigh in != trend


    You make good, logical points which I will now ignore.

    HA! I kill me.

    Anyway, no, I’ve been meaning to read the Hacker Diet, but haven’t yet. I came across it again when I saw it mentioned on Rob Fisher’s weblog. I’ll do it.

    Yeah, so a trend is better. Still, I’m a little bummed because I have was cycling like this before and I don’t recall losing.

    Nevertheless, I wasn’t as purposeful about it then. I’m more focused this time. Two goals: CV workout and weight loss. If I start on the weight training, then I have a third goal, but for now, this is enough.

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