Today, I ride!

Nathan Powell is turning into a maverick. I should take up smoking so I can quit and become a maverick. As it is, even though likes running, I can’t stand it. I’m way too self-aware, for one thing and, for another, I hate it. Still, I’ve gotta drop another 10 or 20 pounds before the year is out. And I need to make sure I’m doing something about my blood pressure. I found some BP and weight readings from four years ago — before I gained about 40 pounds — and I had some very healthy readings. I hope to get back to that within the next year. My exercise of choice is cycling. Given my “large” frame, this NYT article really helps me understand why cycling is such a good fit for me: anybody can do it! Well, that and you don’t have to be a string-bean to be a good cyclist. And I’m past 32, so I’m not gonna even fantasize about being a professional.

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