Today’s ride was fairly short. I needed to recover from the damage I did yesterdaqy. Yesterday, as I rode onto the rail trail off of Mt Gretna, I was paying more attention to the couple walking off the trail obviously avoiding me than the metal bars blocking street traffic from entering the rail trail. I saw the obstacle too late and tried to block with my hand. Since the guard was fairly immobile, this just had the effect of jarring my shoulder and throwing me to the ground. The couple rushed up and, after asking if I was ok, mentioned that they were moving to the side to ensure that I would have enough room to enter the trail. Ah well. When I got back, I made a run to WalMart (the closest open grocery store) to pick up some fruits. I took the opportunitity to try out their sphygmomoter again. My pulse was high (80s, to be expected after a long ride), but my blood pressure (on four different readings) was consistently below 120/65. Yay!

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