Oops! 43 Miles!

Today I decided to try my fantasy ride (so called because I’ve titled it “My Daily Ride”) but, because I didn’t study the turns well enough before hand, I ended up going on an almost completely differeent route of 43 miles total including a 635ft ascent up Mt. Gretna. One thing I learned from this is that there is no possible way calorie calculators are correct. Sure, I was going slower, but a lot of that was up hill. Eh, since it was all in a loop, perhaps it cancels out. I’m not sure how much I care about this. I want to burn energy, but the calculators will drive me insane. Anyway, I managed to take a few photos with the camera on my phone and I’ll be uploading those shortly. It isn’t the best camera in the world, but it sure is compact!

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