Calorie calculator for cycling

After complaining about it a little calorie calculators, I have some empirical evidence to back me up. I loaded this spreadsheet up in Google Spreadsheets and put in some approximate numbers. It confirms what I’m thinking: all those calculators assume you’re covering flat land. But add in a 9% grade and the energy used changes dramatically. Now, I realized I’m not going to be hitting a 9% grade consistently. I’d die. But at least I can see that I am going to be burning a lot more calories than what the calculators are telling me.

2 thoughts on “Calorie calculator for cycling”

  1. Interesting

    I am now wondering if the Garmin Forerunner takes elevation into account. That wouldn’t be that great though, the elevation calculations are really bad on it.

    The other day on a semi graded 4 miler it told me I had gone up and then back down 3000 feet in elevation. Quite a feat for PA.

  2. Great work.

    Great work! Currently using it with remember the milk, gmail and google reader.

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