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Nathan, it’s all for you! Please post whatever anonymous comment you want now! I’ve finally gone and added Akismet checks for anonymous posts here. It didn’t take long and, with Net::Akismet, was incredibly easy to do. I had disabled anonymous comments because of the overwhelming flood of spam. I don’t write that much here, but somehow the blog-comment spammers decided this was a great place to peddle their herbal remedies. Hopefully, Akismet will keep them at bay. It already blocked some comments while I was setting it up, so I have high hopes.

3 thoughts on “Akismet+Anonymous comments”

  1. akismet

    since I deleted my lj account I haven’t been able to comment either..

    my akismet filter says it has filtered 22,000 spam messages, I assume that is since I first started my blog over a year ago.

    I wonder how does that kind of traffic affect the web server?

    btw: did you see my sermon on ‘hell?’ http://www.thechurchgeek.com/archives/472


  2. Re: akismet

    Yeah, you have to read this weeks sermon to get some follow up on ‘judgment.’


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