Heart to Heart Scare

This past weekend I bought a car from Eric’s wife, Shana, and spent some time hanging out with Eric, Nate and Patrick.  I won’t be doing that again! Just before I left, Eric brought out his Sphygmomanometer and let Nate use it.  He and Patrick both got readings that neither found out of line, so I decided to try it.  On the first try, my blood pressure measured something like 186/101.  Shocked, I quickly took another reading.  160/101.  Hrm… Maybe I wasn’t using it right.  I adjusted the fit and tried again.  Back up above 180. Now, I know I am overweight, don’t get enough exercise and probably inherited a tendency to high blood pressure, but this was ridiculous.  The three other guys took turns giving me advice on getting it down and telling me not too worry, I couldn’t be that bad off.  Just before I left, I half jokingly said I’d try the sphygmomanometer at my local Wal-Mart. I had enough time on the drive back home to mull it over that I drove straight to the Wal-Mart.  When I got there, I took a couple of readings that hovered around 140/90.  Not great, but much better than 180! Today, I tried again.  127/73 (pulse under 60).  Phew!  It must be the company I was keeping. I’ll try again tomorrow on yet another sphygmomanometer.  I’ll get this thing below 100, yet!

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  1. health

    according to the notes I have you don’t really want to go below 100. I usually get 110 when I go to donate blood and that is considered quite laid back low. The following are the currently accepted cut-off lines for reviewing one’s health habits:

    Blood pressure: below 130/80 mg/dl

    So your last reading was borderline.
    Personally I found my 27 points above my usual 110 this weekend … after I stayed up very late, got up early and had a “pay attention” weekend of activity.
    Rest, quiet and such brought it down the next day.

    Blood glucose:
    before meals: 90-130
    2 hours after start of a meal, less than 180
    A1C below 130/80 mg/dl

    LDL: below 100 mg/dl
    HDL: men above 40 mg/dl ….. women above 50 mg/dl
    triglycerides: below 150 mg/dl

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